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We have a wide portfolio of specialists throughout the country that guarantee the safety of you and your tenant.

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Explore the leading rental policy in the market, providing you with the most outstanding legal protection in Mexico City.

Our extensive network of specialists across the country ensures the safety of you and your tenant. Trust us for unparalleled legal peace of mind.

Discover the Essence of a Legal Lease Policy.

Dive into understanding a legal policy, a contract of legal services designed to protect both the landlord and the tenant at every step of the leasing process. Our services include:

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Professional Tenant Research.

Reliability at your fingertips. We conduct detailed investigations to ensure the right tenant is chosen.

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Preparation of Contract and Assistance in Signing.

We simplify the process. We take care of the drafting of the contract and provide assistance at every stage of the signing for your peace of mind.

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Attention to Incidents During the Entire Lease Period.

Always at your disposal. We are here to address any issues that arise during the lease period, providing effective solutions.

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Property Recovery, Extrajudicial or Judicial.

We protect your interests. If necessary, we take care of the recovery of the property, either through extrajudicial or judicial means, guaranteeing an efficient process.

Discover the security and confidence that a comprehensive legal policy can offer in the leasing world.

Your Maximum Legal Guarantee in the Renter's Policy Market.

At Póliza de Rentas, you will only pay for the services you really need, backed by a highly trained team. Our services include:


Tenant Profiling: We analyze in detail to ensure the selection of the right tenant.


Tenant Screening: A rigorous approach to ensure transparency in the leasing relationship.


Judicial Property Recovery: If necessary, we act legally to recover your property.


Protection until the delivery of the property: We commit ourselves until the last step, guaranteeing the security of your property.


Money Laundering Protection: We safeguard your interests against possible risks related to money laundering.


Extrajudicial Collection: We act efficiently to guarantee the recovery of outstanding payments. Interest-free monthly payment option.

*Bank commission applies

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Legal Security in Property Rentals

If you are considering renting your property or looking for a rental property, Póliza de Rentas is your best ally. Avoiding legal complications associated with leasing can be a challenge, which is why we are dedicated to providing you with protection, whether you are a landlord or a tenant.

With over 25 years of experience in services and in the real estate market, we have a solid reputation backed by our national presence. We offer our clients reliable expertise and high quality services. Trust us for your legal peace of mind in the leasing world.

We guarantee an unparalleled leasing experience.

At Póliza de Rentas, we are dedicated to ensuring that every landlord enjoys the best possible experience when renting their property. Our mission is focused on proper tenant profiling and solid legal protection to achieve this goal.

Discover Our Legal Protection Services

Legal Policy

All the services necessary for a comprehensive legal protection for your lease. Our team of lawyers offers exceptional service at a fair price.

Conflict Prevention Agreement

Signed before a Certified Mediator with Public Faith and Registered in the Superior Court of Alternative Justice. Get maximum legal protection to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Transaction Agreement

An early eviction agreement signed before a Notary Public or Notary Public, eliminating the need for a lawsuit to recover your property.

Tenant Investigation

We implemented an advanced algorithm that predicts with 98% effectiveness the future behavior of your tenant.

Trust us for an unparalleled leasing experience, backed by exceptional legal services and effective preventive measures.

Elite Lawyers.

At Póliza de Rentas, we have a team of highly trained and certified lawyers in Real Estate Law. This group of experts is backed up by a centralized team of experienced lawyers, guaranteeing a solid legal support.

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Safe and Easy Rental Process

The rental process with Póliza de Rentas is easy and secure. Our advice ranges from the drafting of the contract to the credit check of the tenants. We act as a guarantor throughout the entire rental process, providing flexible and convenient payment options for your policy.

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National Coverage

With a presence throughout Mexico, we offer comprehensive solutions for all parties involved, regardless of the challenges that may arise in the leasing of real estate. Regardless of the status of the property, our company provides you with the support you need on one or several occasions. Rely on us for nationwide coverage that guarantees your legal peace of mind at all times.

Discover Peace of Mind with Renter's Policy

Welcome to Póliza de Rentas, Mexico's leader in renters insurance! We offer a full range of renters policies designed to protect your property, whether it is a cozy apartment or a spacious home. The benefits and cost of having a guarantor become an essential added value to any investment or home.


Real Estate Experience and Professionalism

With more than 25 years of experience in the real estate market and a solid backing, we provide peace of mind to owners, tenants and lessees. Our team of professionals offers efficient advice in the real estate rental process. In many occasions, the guarantor or guarantor is a form of guarantee for the landlord, and with Póliza de Rentas, this plus facilitates the occupancy of the properties, replacing the traditional guarantor.


Comprehensive Legal Protection

We offer a solid legal support, from the management of contracts to the seizure of property in case of need or eviction. Our law firm has qualified lawyers specialized in leases, and we keep an offer of benefits and agreements at your disposal without vices or hidden costs.


Specialized Services

We tailor our services to protect your investment, from repossession of the property in case of breach of contract to property damage coverage and collection of overdue rents.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our goal is to offer a quality service that guarantees the satisfaction of our clients and protects their assets as guarantor or guarantor of their tenant. We want all our owners and tenants to enjoy the best experience in renting their properties, with a simple and accessible process for everyone, regardless of their needs or location.

Start your application today and discover how a Renter's Policy can provide you with the peace of mind you need when renting without a guarantor. Protecting your property and guaranteeing a secure rental is not a luxury, it's a necessity. Contact us today and live the Renter's Policy experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Legal Policy?

The word Policy comes from the Latin Pollicitatio which means Promise, as well as a "Maintenance Policy" or a "Warranty Policy", where what they offer you is a Promise that they will repair or replace something if it breaks down... a Legal Policy is a promise of a legal service that a law firm is obliged to provide you for a certain period of time, usually one year.

A Lease Legal Policy has 3 main elements:

Prevention: Everything starts with an investigation of your tenant, in which we check that he/she has economic and moral solvency, as well as validate his/her documents and references.

Foresight: Subsequently, the appropriate legal tool is chosen for each risk profile, as well as the contractual guarantees that will be required.

Protection: Finally, after the signing of the contract, the firm remains vigilant and intervenes extrajudicially or judicially, if required, in the event of any incident.

As you can see, a Legal Policy is the best way to protect the owner and his patrimony in a leasing process, since it is the way in which you can assure that the person to whom you give temporary possession of the property has the economic capacity to pay the rent, but also that he has moral quality, which will greatly reduce the risk of having a bad experience with him.

Additionally, the services of the Legal Policy do not stop there, but the firm chooses the appropriate legal tools and guarantees for each prospect. It is not the same, for example, a person who has a stable job and income, as well as a good background, as another person who, for example, is independent and has very unstable income or problems in credit bureau.

Finally, and most importantly, the law firm that grants you the legal policy must keep an eye out for any situation that may arise during the lease period and intervene immediately when any incident occurs. This will prevent a small problem from becoming a big one and ending up in an unnecessary lawsuit. The law firm that provides you with the legal policy must provide you with legal services until the complete and total recovery of the property.

What does a legal policy include?

First of all, let's remember that depending on the firm or real estate company with which you contract this policy, it may vary both in prices and in the terms and situations it covers, as well as the services you want to hire. Generally they include the ones we will mention below:

Tenant profiling and screening

As we well know, it is essential to know to whom we are going to rent our property and in this case, the legal policy will help us with the investigation. In addition to making sure that the prospective tenant has the economic solvency to complete the lease contract and does not have a criminal record or any legal process that could compromise our integrity or that of our property.

Likewise, let's remember that having this information validated and verified about the tenants, will save us problems in case we have to initiate a process to recover your property, or even in an expropriation trial.


One of the main functions of the policy is to intervene in case the tenants are not complying with their obligations stipulated in the contract, therefore, the company behind our policy will be in charge of the whole process of extrajudicial and judicial collection in case there are debts, in this way, there will be no direct conflicts between landlords and tenants.

Also, depending on the policy, a direct debit service could be included, so that the rent is automatically charged to the tenant and you receive it every month in your account without any setbacks.

Legal advice

Depending on what is stipulated at the time of contracting the policy, there will be several scenarios that will be presented to you, where they will provide you with advice to resolve each situation that may arise to protect you against money laundering or forfeiture of ownership.

Attendance at contract signing

When contracting a policy, it should include the drafting of the contract and you will be assisted in the signing of the same. A trained lawyer will read and resolve any doubts and comments that may arise so that both parties feel safe and protected.

Recovery of the property

In cases where it is necessary to evict the tenants either because of a direct problem with the owners, considerable debts or any legal problem, the company where you contracted your policy will take care of the whole process and will remove the tenants from the property.

Recovery of overdue rent or unpaid services.

Depending on the company where you take out the policy, they may offer you a higher coverage, including not only the recovery of your property, but also the overdue rents or the services that the tenant owed.

As you can see, the legal policy protects us in many situations and above all, it gives us the peace of mind of being legally backed up in case of any mishap with our tenants, in addition to facilitating the process prior to the lease contract.

At Póliza de Rentas we offer you an integral service, with the support of highly qualified lawyers and with a 100% personalized service that assures you a good experience when renting.

What is a credit bureau analysis?

Within the investigation roles, one of the most important parameters to consider is the investigation of the Credit Bureau.

The Credit Bureau shows us the different credits a person has and how he/she behaves with them.

Here we can see if the person is on time with their payments, how much they owe, amounts to be paid, how many credits they have (whether automotive, department stores, personal loans or credit cards), and in some cases, they also show us if the person has any lawsuits and the nature of these.

This report from Buró reflects these behaviors over the last three years, showing us month by month, a rating that determines the behavior with them.

What are the benefits of the "Renter's Policy"?

The Renter's Policy is a type of insurance that offers real estate protection to tenants and landlords. This policy is often referred to as "renters insurance" or "renter's policy" and can cover various types of problems such as; vacancy, non-payment. Which we first address preventively by validating documents and references with a financial investigation.

What are the advantages of the Renter's Policy?

The "Renter's Policy" is insurance designed to provide real estate protection for both renters and landlords. Sometimes referred to as "renter's insurance" or "renter's policy", it covers a variety of problems, from vacancy to non-payment. We take a proactive approach, validating documents and references with a thorough financial investigation.

Who is eligible for the Renter's Policy?

In Póliza de Renta, eligibility is determined by several factors, including the type of property rented, the location of the property and the tenant's income. In general, any individual or family renting a residential property in Mexico is eligible for the Renter's Policy, however some individuals may sometimes represent a greater risk to the tenant as they may have debts in another building, community or location.

How can I apply for a Renter's Policy?

The application process for a Renter's Policy is simple and can be done online or in person. If you choose to go online, simply visit our website. Once there, fill out a form with your personal information, such as name, address and contact information. It is important to note that a real estate agency, landlord or even your own tenant can initiate the process with your authorization.

What payment methods do you have to pay for the policy?

We accept: Bank deposit or wire transfer, Credit card, Cash, Check or PayPal.

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