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Looking for more security in your lease contract? At Rentapóliza, we go one step further with our exclusive Conflict Prevention Agreement service. This agreement, signed before a certified mediator with public faith and registered with the Superior Court of Alternative Justice, adds an additional layer of protection for your peace of mind.

What makes our agreement unique is that the agreements established in it are considered "res judicata". In case of non-compliance, enforcement is direct and without the need for lengthy legal proceedings.

Discover the essence of our Conflict Prevention Agreement, how it works, who to contact to obtain it and the necessary documents for the process. We will explore the execution of the agreement, what happens in case of breach of the lease and the importance of having a reliable company like Rentapóliza for these procedures. Don't settle for ordinary, choose excellence with Rentapóliza.
Your peace of mind is our priority!

How does it work?

Effective Process: Your Peace of Mind Guarantee

At Rentapóliza, we make sure that your lease contract works flawlessly. By concluding it through our private mediation agreement, we elevate its perfection in a judicial manner. The wonder lies in its efficient execution in case of non-compliance, taking it directly through an agile and efficient judicial process.

Unlike conventional methods, where judicial processes are often slowed down, our system guarantees a faster and more direct resolution. Your peace of mind is our priority, and with our effective process, we offer you a guarantee of security and efficiency. At Rentapóliza, your peace of mind is a commitment that we fulfill with passion.

Before whom should it be celebrated?

Raise your Contract with Legal Guarantee

At Rentapóliza, we know that the security of your lease is essential. That is why we celebrate your private mediation agreement with the certification of a Private Mediator endorsed by the Alternative Justice Center of Mexico City.

Clear and Direct Benefits:

  1. Legal force: Your contract takes legal life when sealed with a mediation agreement.
  2. Immediate Judicial Actions: In the event of any non-compliance, access to prompt legal action for:
    • Vacate and repossess the property.
    • To enforce the warranty.
    • Claiming rent payments.
    • Terminate your contract.
  3. Simplicity and Efficiency: Forget about costly paperwork and excessive documentation; with our agreement, we simplify the process.
  4. Aligned Term: The mediation agreement remains in effect for the duration of your lease.

At Rentapóliza, we not only protect your assets, but we elevate them to new legal heights. Trust us to ensure your peace of mind and the integrity of your contract.

Necessary Documentation

  • Official ID's: Must be current and belong to the lessor, lessee and guarantor (if applicable).
  • Power of Attorney: In cases of signing through an attorney-in-fact, it is essential to have a Power of Attorney that certifies his or her personality.
  • Lease Agreement: Central document governing the terms of the lease and subject to the mediation agreement process.

At Rentapóliza, we simplify the collection of necessary documents, ensuring an agile and secure process to support your lease contract. Trust us for a smooth and efficient management.

With whom should the Conflict Prevention Agreement be entered into?

Conflict Prevention Agreement: Guarantee of Harmony

Specialized Contingency: The Conflict Prevention Agreement is conducted in a specialized dispute resolution environment, such as a mediation center or with the intervention of an appointed arbitrator. Here, the impartiality and efficiency of the process are paramount.

Trusted Professionals: Quality Assurance: We always strive for excellence when entering into this agreement. We ensure that we have trained and trusted professionals in the field of alternative dispute resolution to provide you with an impartial and effective process.

At Rentapóliza, harmony in your real estate transactions is our priority. Trust us to guarantee the prevention of conflicts and protect your interests in a fair and effective manner.


Effective Legal Protection: Enforcement Guaranteed

Breach of Contract:

  1. Immediate Action: In case of any violation of the clauses agreed in your lease, you can take immediate legal action.
  2. Judicial Intervention: You will request the execution by means of a writ of execution before the competent Judge.

Agile Judicial Process:

  • Demand for Compliance: The Judge will require the defaulting party to demonstrate compliance with the agreed obligations.
  • Vacation and Delivery: In case of failure to prove compliance within the term granted, the property will be vacated and delivered.
  • Effective Guarantee: In addition, you will be able to enforce the guarantee agreed in the contract.

At Rentapóliza, we understand the importance of fast and effective actions. Trust us to guarantee compliance with your contract and protect your investment.

Renta Póliza: Your Strong Ally in the Conflict Prevention Agreement

The Importance of Trust:
When it comes to procedures such as the Conflict Prevention Agreement, trust and experience are fundamental. At Rentapóliza, we stand out as leaders in real estate and lease risk mitigation in Mexico.

Team of Dispute Resolution Experts:
Prevention and Peace of Mind: We have a team of dispute resolution experts focused on dispute prevention. We are your reliable option to develop the Dispute Prevention Agreement, ensuring security and peace of mind for both the lessor and the lessee.

Ensuring Harmonious Relationships:
The Conflict Prevention Agreement is an invaluable tool to avoid disputes in leasing contracts. Its correct operation, processing and benefits are essential to maintain a harmonious relationship between both parties. With Rentapóliza, you get the necessary advice and carry out these procedures with total confidence, protecting the interests of all parties involved in the lease contract. Trust us for a worry-free experience.

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